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Shades Of Grey plays an exciting mix of modern, bluegrass, and acoustic country music.  Based in the Ogden-Huntsville, UT area they play throughout the Western United States .  The Band adds a bluegrass flavor to tunes drawn from a variety of musical influences

"What is Shades Of Grey?"  You know, it's all those sparkles on the grass when you roll over next to a campfire on a sunny summer morning after dancing at a bluegrass festival all night; the wetness on your feet as you walk to the river, the dampness on your clothes as you throw them to the ground before you dive in.  All right, all right, Shades of Grey is what you get when you combine a guitar, banjo, dobro, mandolin, saxophone, bass, and harmonica.  Shades of Grey music is influenced by bluegrass, newgrass, folk, R & B, and "Jam" music.

"What kind of music do you guys play?" We never set out to play any particular kind of music, although we have always believed in extended jams and improvisation.  We've always just played music; songs of our own and songs we have loved by other artists.  Each player brings his influences to the music and we end up with an untitled, "stew".

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Telephone  801-389-1523
FAX  775-655-7261
Postal address  10331 East Highway 39, Huntsville, UT 84317
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